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Welcome from Tim and Troy!

Faith and Finances provides Christ-focused financial teaching and approaches each financial topic with the premise, "What does the Bible say about that?"

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Oct 28, 2016

October is harvest time here in the United States.

As an alternative to Halloween, many of our churches plan Harvest Festivals for family fun.

There are three seasonal conditions of the harvest: when the crop is green (not ripe), when it is white (ideal for harvesting), and when it rots.

Jesus said, in John 4:35,

Oct 21, 2016

"God wants you rich!"

"Live like a child of the King–healthy and wealthy!"

Sounds appealing, right?

Wikipedia describes Prosperity Theology as "…a religious belief among some Christians that financial blessing and physical well-being is always the will of God for them, and that faith, positive speech, and...

Oct 14, 2016

In this episode we share an interview with Dr. Don Sisk.

Dr. Sisk is the President/General Director Emeritus of BIMI and joined Lancaster Baptist Church as the chairman of the missions department of West Coast Baptist College in 2003. He has preached at over 1,700 Missions Conferences in over 60 countries.

Dr. Sisk...

Oct 7, 2016

Missionaries are men, women, and children who have obeyed God's specific and clear call on their lives to go and reach the lost with Gospel of Christ.

They often leave behind family, friends, and comforts. We should not view them as "those poor missionaries". We should hold them In high esteem. It is biblical that we...