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Faith and Finances provides Christ-focused financial teaching and approaches each financial topic with the premise, "What does the Bible say about that?"

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Jun 28, 2019

The culture we live in equates being rich with happiness and fulfillment.

Michael Norton is a Harvard Business School professor who has studied the connections between happiness and wealth.


In This Episode, We Look At:

Mr. Norton says the research regularly points to two central questions that people ask...

Jun 21, 2019

Dean Miller is a pastor, a sought after Youth preacher, and evangelist. Dean had pastored Central Baptist Church in Hattiesburg, MI, for thirteen years, then God brought change in Dean’s life and ministry. This type of change makes people nervous. It makes other pastors nervous.


In This Episode, We Look At:

Jun 14, 2019

The Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. has exhibit rooms that are built slightly off-center, the floors slope a tad, and the walls are not “plumb.” The intended effect is to make the visitor feel a little disoriented, to give just a hint as to how the Jews felt being taken from their homes and herded into a...

Jun 7, 2019

We all experience struggles of some nature. Sometimes they are physical, sometimes, spiritual, and of course, financial.


In This Episode, We Look At:

Struggles are part of life.

Some struggles are self-inflicted.

A struggle is not necessarily an indication of God's punishment for sin. Many struggles are...