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Welcome from Tim and Troy!

Faith and Finances provides Christ-focused financial teaching and approaches each financial topic with the premise, "What does the Bible say about that?"

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Sep 27, 2019

Many are familiar with the tax-saving benefits of owning and contributing to an HSA. Today we will look at a feature that allows it to work as an additional source for future income.


In This Episode, We Look At:

Contributions are tax-deductible.

Funds in the account have the opportunity for growth...

Sep 20, 2019

We hear a lot of talk about a coming recession. The 24/7 news cycle would have you to worry and panic (I think that's one of their goals).

There is no need.

So, what's a Christian to do, to prepare for a recession?


In This Episode, We Look At:

First. What is a recession?

It is a natural part of the business...

Sep 13, 2019

Christians can go to prison-because of financial matters (theft). They can divorce over financial matters, and can even keep themselves out of the will of God, due to their heart and actions in financial matters.

The wealthiest twenty-five pastors in America are prosperity preachers.


In This Episode, We Look...

Sep 6, 2019

We are distracted people. There is everything from minor distractions (the doorbell rings) to major distractions (insert favorite social media platform here.)

In truth, the enemy, Satan, is expertly skilled at distracting us. You see, if we are distracted, mentally, emotionally, or physically, we will easily forget...